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At present, the maximum investment is being made in the real estate and construction sectors. The cities and towns are expanding rapidly. Due to the immense increase in population, skyscrapers, major highways, business centers, factories are coming into being/establishing to fulfil their needs. Engineers, officials, artisans/craftsmen, and labourers are working hard.

Miracles in construction sector are happening in Europe and the Middle East in all fields of life due to big guns of relevant sectors. Help is taken from other countries to meet the manpower shortage in these countries. Pakistan also sends experts and skilled workers to these countries and these workers send foreign exchange. As you know foreign exchange is a financial dowry to show other countries to judge their financial strength.

It has always been the endeavor of AYMCO MANPOWER SERVICES to send such workers abroad who are known as Pakistan’s ambassadors there, to bring prosperity to their families and Pakistan.

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